Welcome to Sicily

Welcome to Sicily!!!!

You know renting apartment or a villa can save you money… And we’re here to say that great minds think alike! We’ve put together a selection of some of our best properties.We have now made available a selection of perfect location in Sicily.In this web site we present the holiday homes, villas and residence, car boats and scooter rental, sicily tour, excursions, ferry and plane ticket.Now available for rental or bookings, as well as selected places that have been recommended to us and that we have inspected and approved personally. Feel free to browse our selection, to contact us for more information and to book your favorite location on-line, directly from home.On this site and in our brochure you can find also how to move with complete freedom with car rental scooters and also organize transfers, boat trips excursions throughout Sicily Naval Air Ticket and organization of package tours, the finest and most desirable rental accomodation in Sicily. In a very important magazine… Sicily was voted the most desirable destination in the world in 2009! Get more out of your holiday in Sicily with our Experiences! We know the right people, the right places and all that is the best in Sicily…A wealth of information about Sicily and its islands, to help you choose your perfect location of your holiday in Sicily…